What is the Creator Fund ? 😱

The Creators Fund is a unique payment initiative for users to earn by showcasing Butterfly Knife products in videos on TikTok and YouTube, rewarding those who contribute to our brand promotion.

How does it work ?

Remuneration Tables

Remuneration Grid

TikTok & Shorts Long YouTube Videos
0-9999 views → 1000 views = $3 Regardless of views → 1000 views = $5
10k-50k views → 1000 views = $2
>50k views → 1000 views = $1


TikTok & Shorts Examples Long YouTube Video Examples
5000 views = $15 5000 views = $25
15k views = $40 15k views = $75
50k views = $110 50k views = $250
250k views = $310 250k views = $1.250
1M views = $1.060 1M views = $5.000
10M views = $10.060 2M views = $10.000
Earnings Simulator

Simulate Your Earnings 💸

Select the social network and enter the number of views to estimate your earnings


  • Be 18 Years old minimum.
  • Video has to be in : USA, Canada or Australia.
  • Video has to display @butterflyknifeusa & #butterflyknifeusa as well as a link to our website (in bio or description). You can tell people "link in bio" for short content.
  • This program is different with affiliate progam and both are not compatible.
  • All the rules and conditions mentioned in the program's terms of use must be respected. In particular, you must send us the video code giving us the necessary authorizations for its use and sharing on our own social networks within 48 hours of publication of the video.
  • The product itself is the main focus of the video.
  • All videos posted must be permanent and cannot be deleted post-payment.
  • In the event that platform removes your video, you agree, within reason, to remake and repost a video that complies with platform community guidelines.

Advices for a good Video

Type "Butterfly Knife" or "Balisong" and look at the most viewed videos on tiktok or youtube, this way, you can get some inspiration !

Content : Use trends, make unboxing, challenge, tricks, give your opinion on the products, reactions... Be creative !

Video length : We recommend you between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

Audio : You can use your voice or use a popular song to synch with the video.


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