Collection: Butterfly Knives

The Ultimate Butterfly Knife Collection

Butterfly knives, often revered as balisongs, are a unique blend of history, art, and utility. If you're a connoisseur, hobbyist, or simply someone intrigued by these masterpieces, our curated collection of around 100 different knives promises to captivate your senses and cater to all your butterfly knife desires.

Historical Significance:

Originating from the Philippines, butterfly knives are deeply rooted in Filipino martial arts and culture. They're not just tools or weapons; they represent an art form, a craft passed down through generations. Our collection mirrors this rich lineage, bringing you pieces that are both traditional and contemporary.

Design & Craftsmanship:

Every butterfly knife in our collection is a testament to impeccable design and craftsmanship. With each flip and fold, you'll experience the precision, balance, and fluidity that only top-tier knives possess. Whether you're into minimalist designs, ornate patterns, or something in between, we've got a knife that speaks to your style.

Safety & Utility:

For beginners and those keen on mastering the art of flipping, we offer a range of trainer knives. These non-sharpened versions let you practice without the risk, ensuring you build confidence and skill safely. And for the pros, our diverse range boasts knives that promise precision, sharpness, and durability, be it for everyday tasks or specialized needs.

Diverse Range:

With around 100 different knives, our collection is one of the most extensive in the market. From knives with traditional Filipino designs to modern, sleek, urban versions, we've got you covered. Explore handles made from diverse materials, blades of varying sharpness, and designs that cater to both aesthetics and utility.

Maintenance & Care:

Good knives deserve great care. Alongside our butterfly knife collection, we offer maintenance kits and tips to ensure your knife remains in pristine condition. Regular cleaning, proper storage, and occasional sharpening will keep your knife performing and looking its best.

Popular butterfly knives to try

  1. Basic Open & Close: The fundamental flipping movements to quickly open and close the knife.

  2. Y2K Roll: A vertical spinning trick that utilizes momentum to roll the knife around your thumb.

  3. Zen Rollover: Similar to the Y2K but revolves around your index finger instead.

  4. Twirl: A swift spinning motion that switches the knife from an open to closed position (or vice versa) around the fingers.

  5. Chaplin: A continuous roll around a single finger, often the index or thumb.

  6. Helix: A combination of several spins and rolls that makes the knife dance between the fingers.

  7. Behind the 8 Ball: A complex trick involving multiple rollovers and twirls, usually around the thumb and index finger.

  8. Scissoring: A maneuver in which the knife is tossed and caught in a scissor-like grip between two fingers.

  9. Ladder: A cascading series of rollovers that involve multiple fingers.

  10. Aerials: Any trick where the knife is thrown into the air and caught. This category includes various spins and flips.

  11. Ice Pick Spin: Spinning the knife when it's in an ice pick (or downward) grip.

  12. Paradox: A trick where the knife is flipped and twisted in unique patterns, creating an optical illusion.

  13. Short Stop: Quickly stopping the knife from a spinning motion into a safe grip.