Archer Yin Yang Butterfly Knife

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Archer Yin Yang Butterfly Knife: Unleash Balance and Precision

Introducing the Archer Yin Yang Butterfly Knife—an embodiment of balance and precision that pays homage to the ancient concept of yin and yang. This balisong transcends the realm of ordinary tools, offering a harmonious blend of form and function.

The contrasting yin and yang motifs on the handles symbolize the delicate equilibrium between opposing forces. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, its construction ensures durability while reflecting the duality of life. The meticulously designed balisong provides a seamless grip, allowing for precise flips and maneuvers.

Inspired by the archer's focus and the concept of balance, the  Archer Yin Yang Butterfly Knife is more than just a training tool—it's a reflection of your dedication to the art of manipulation. Whether you're a practitioner honing your skills or a collector admiring intricate craftsmanship, this balisong stands as a testament to your appreciation for precision.

Unleash your potential and embrace the harmony of duality with a balisong that encapsulates the essence of an archer's focus and the timeless concept of yin and yang—an Archer Yin Yang Butterfly Knife that empowers you to master the art of balance in every flip.

The CNC-cut stainless steel blade is blunt and safe for training.


  • Material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel
  • Length (folded): 15CM/5.9"
  • Length (unfolded): 25cm/9.8"
  • Weight: 108g/3.8oz

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